Steel Structure Construction

Our  engineers collaborate with building owners and designers to provide elegant solutions for projects of all types, sizes and levels of complexity. From constructing the most critical buildings and longest spans to engineering inventive “jewel-box” structures and constructing major expansion projects, we continually seek the best balance among the demands of form, function, sustainability, construct-ability, schedule and budget.

Our deep bench of seasoned professionals combines unequaled experience with sophisticated technological tools to enhance the creative process, promote effective collaboration, improve coordination and enhance visualization and communication throughout planning, design and construction.

We constantly challenge ourselves to find new ways to design and deliver projects faster, more efficiently and more cost-effectively than ever before.

Our engineers look beyond the obvious to explore alternatives in search of the approach best suited to each project. Our solution-focused design approach uses sophisticated methods to conceptualize, model and deliver integrated designs that benefit all project stakeholders.

We offer  engineering expertise for buildings of all types and sizes, including residential, commercial, cultural and institutional, educational, government, healthcare, hospitality and gaming, mission critical, residential, special structures, and sports and public assembly.

Sahira Construction utilizes steel, concrete, masonry, timber, aluminum, fiber-reinforced plastic and other materials to design the framework, or “structural skeleton,” for the vast majority of projects we produce. With nearly 20 years of combined structural engineering experience, our engineers have the ability to solve clients’ needs, utilizing creative solutions to design efficient structures that safely support the loads and resist the forces imparted on them. Residential, commercial, governmental, industrial, manufacturing and institutional are only a fraction of the market sectors we have the experience and ability to service.