Project Renewal

Our Renewal practice provides building owners and managers with a wide range of envelope, structural and mechanical, electrical, plumbing and fire protection services for structures of all types. We conduct performance investigations, condition assessments, pre-purchase due diligence surveys, feasibility studies and peer reviews. We design repairs, renovations and alterations and oversee their execution.

For new, aging or historic structures, we address all aspects of building envelope investigation, analysis, repair and restoration. We provide a full range of facade ordinance compliance services, as well as restoration and upgrade of adjacent features such as plazas and sidewalks.

Our expertise covers the full range of services, including composite masonry and stone wall repairs, Terra cottar replacement, concrete repairs and re-coating, and upgrades of glass and metal curtain walls. We determine the root causes of performance failures due to deterioration or inadequate design or construction, and develop solutions that are responsive to both the building’s needs and the client’s budget constraints. We address all aspects of envelope renewal, from structural supports to waterproofing elements. We also assist owners in complying with the requirements of local facade ordinances.